Shinbudo - Taijutsu in Doncaster England

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Shinbudo - Taijutsu

'A truly dynamic, effective and real-life system of self defence and unarmed combat'. Tai Jutsu (which means 'Body Science') is a family Jiu Jiutsu style with an emphasis on Muay Thai for striking, Judo and Wrestling throws, take downs, pins and submissions. Tai-Jutsu offers a blend of practical self defence and traditional martial arts. Tai Jutsu always instructs in the three principles of self defence: avoidance, disengagement, and counter attack. Rose and Thistle Martial Arts Clubs are apolitical and forward thinking. If you have any queries or would like further information please contact us.

WCJJO Competitions

Taijutsu UK have been represented at the World Council of Ju Jitsu Organisations world games on numerous occasions coming away with good results in individual and team categories including gold silver and bronze medals, plus team event placings for sport jujitsu and demonstrations.

For further information or any questions you might have please email using the link below;

Taijutsu Association

The English Tai Jutsu Clubs are part of the Taijutsu UK umbrella organisation with Andy Russel as head of the association with Gary MacAllister head of the Northern Ireland association and Brian Lister representing England.