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Courses and gradings

This page contains photos from courses and gradings we have attendded/held within AMA Taijutsu UK

Clowning around at comber

More shoulder throw

Brian, Eoin and the underhook

Dave Pickles and Brian Lister at the annual course/grading/dinner dance in Northern Ireland 2007

Training in Northern Ireland

Tobermory group

Practice practice and errr practice

God knows what Brian is trying to convey here

Shoulder throw to wrist lock??

Lee Brian and Paul at Tobermory

Entering and trying not to look at the clown....very scary things clowns

Course adn grading Northern Ireland 2001, I know the thumbnail is small but the page wont change no matter what I do

hmm another shoulder throw, is there a theme to this?

Course/grading Northern Ireland 2007