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Nostalgia Photos

Some nostalgia photos from Brians collection of photographs

My first ever Judo comp at RAF Cosford my opponent was a blue belt and i was shocked to win

RAF Kinloss Taijutsu-Jujutsu 1987

beginners luck tomoenage

RAF Kinloss Taijutsu-jujutsu 1988

Kesa gatame

Brian teaching Sam at RAF kinloss Taijutsu-jujutsu club

RAF Finningley Judo Club 1983 ish Seniors

Doncaster Dakartan Muay Thai club started by Brian in 1993 under Stuart Hurst

RAF Finningley Judo Club 1983 ish Juniors

Abbe Nelson and Mick Shores Escrima class Doncaster Queens Road gym

RAF Judo B Team at combined services Judo Champs 1982, my only blue

Bedfordshire Wrestling Comp Middleweight Finals, thank god that was over

Halifax Judo Comp 1984 Loss by seoi nage in finals

Stuart Hurst in the early days of the BTBC

Dakartan Muay Thai Doncaster about 1993