Brief history of Brians experience

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Brian started boxing as a youth, then joined the Royal air force and took up Judo with the BJC while continuing with boxing training as a senior.

Brian met Jack McKeown of Taijutsu International in 1986 after taking his judo black belt and has stuck with Taijutsu-Ju Jutsu ever since.  Brian also trained breiefly under the guidance of Neil Owen in BJJ and MMA.

Brian also coached and ran Doncaster Dakartan Muay Thai Club under Stuart Hursts guidance in 1993-1995.

Always open to looking at new stuff and re-evaluating what his martial art is all about, Brian is now teaching his own Taijutsu-JuJutsu class and BJC Judo and training under Ajarn Stuart Hurst for Muay Thai and Muay Chaiya.

Brian has entered most types of grappling tournaments at one time or another, mostly losing but learning a lot all the time previously a UK Gold medallist in FSJJ and World Bronze medallist with WCJJO, now a 7th dan in Taijutsu-JuJutsu and having big fun learning Muay Chaiya and getting fit again.